Our Stories

A man and a woman talking together outside of Maine Medical Center

Workforce Development Strategies Meet New Demands

Scott Williams, MD; Aileen Mickey, MD and Brett Loffredo, MD

Medical Group Seeks to Increase the Value of Care

o Customer service representative Mowlid Hashi gives directions to a pretend visitor in MMC's main lobby

Solidifying our DEI Commitment

four women wearing masks standing together in front of a bulletin board

Going Above and Beyond for Our Patients

group of people wearing masks, posing together in a school

Taking the Lead in Tackling COVID-19

MaineHealth Corporate offices at Free Street in Portland

Leaders Join MaineHealth Executive Team with a Shared Vision

older husband and wife standing together in front of tall wooden fence on a sunny day

Connecting People with Medical Emergency Resources

nurse wearing a mask, sitting and typing on a keyboard while looking at a computer screen

Bringing Remote Diabetes Care to Rural Maine

close-up of an eye through a camera's view screen

MaineHealth Innovation Celebrates Two Years

group of men and women wearing masks standing next to a table of supplies for harm reduction bags

Saving Lives One Bag at a Time

older patient wearing a mask and speaking to a doctor in an exam room

Age-Friendly Health System Work Expands

Close-up of a hand holding a stethoscope

“MaineHealth Listens” Informs Patient Experiences

Young woman riding a brown horse in a pastoral setting

Youth Peer Support Network Builds Resiliency and Confidence

Elderly man uses iPad to speak to a nurse

Project COPD Connect Innovates to Better Serve Patients